Kukua water pump

Kukua Water Pump

Village is Happy with the New Water Pump

With the Blessings of Allah another water pump was installed today.This one went toDistrict MWEMBESONGOVillage of GENDAOver 50 families will enjoy clean water .This village was chosen because it has mostly women and children, the children usually go to fetch water at sunrise (a long walk ) this gets used for their daily morning routine, then go to schoolAnd again, go to get water after school to be used for the evening.This water pump means :The kids don’t have to walk far carrying heavy loads on the heads.Better hygieneThe kids can now concentrate better at school as they will have more time to study.All this is made possible becauseYOU CARED.May Allah bless all those involved with good health, happiness and prosperity.Ameen.The other 2 pics are from dinners yesterday and today.Both were sponsored by kind sponsors here.Every penny counts and is appreciated.