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KuKua - To Grow

Helping each other can make world better

We value community, we dont strive to change the culture, language, the land, or its people. We do our best to understand the needs of those living in the most vulnerable populations in Rural Tanzania. We listen and we act. We know children make up a majority of the vulnerable, and over the years have learned they want to stick together, be a family, be heard and grow. That’s exactly what we created, together.  We disperse funds donated in Canada to our daughter Charity in Tanzania, Multidome Relief Centre. At this centre, our children grow in a safe environment, they are provided with healthcare, education, live in care givers, BIRTHDAY PARTIES and uncles and aunties who come to visit and take the children on day trips to the City. We learn so much from our Multidome Children, they have taught us to expand and do more to help those in the community, and we happily listened. In 2021 we began broader community initiatives by request of those who live on the lands, we have provided 25 wheelchairs to children and the elderly to date, 11 sustainable wells in various rural communities and countless meals. 




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Helping each other can make world better

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